3 Benefits of musical toys top gift ideas

Make some noise with musical toys from B. toys! Explore our creative and engaging line of musical toys for kids and toddlers in this handy gift guide.

Boost Brain Development

First and foremost, playing with musical toys can help boost your child’s brain development. Research suggests that exposing children to music at a young age can help their language development, cognitive skills, and even memory.* And our “Symphony in B.” playset is a perfect example of a musical toy that can stimulate your child’s brain. With its different instruments, buttons, and open-ended playstyle, your little one will be able to explore and experiment with a range of sounds and musical patterns!

Musical Instruments kids play and learn

3y+ Symphony in B.


  • Place instruments on the stage to create unique arrangements 

  • Sort the instrument bases by shape and color 

  • Listen to 15 classic songs & use the volume control

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Woofer guitar and Dog

Strengthen Fine Motor Skills

In addition to boosting brain development, musical toys can also help enhance your child’s fine motor skills. Just like real instruments, our Woofer toy guitar and Hippo-Pop piano will get kids pressing buttons and playing away! These little details help strengthen their hand-eye coordination and can improve their pincer grasp and control. Plus, as they continue to play with the toys, they’ll become more confident and skilled. Time for a solo!

2y+ Woofer

Woofer Guitar
  • 3 musical modes – including Hound Dog! 
  • 20 sing-along favorites & lyric booklet 
  • Compose anything with 8 buttons that play 8 musical chords!

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12m+ Hippo-Pop

  • 5 musical modes and 26 sound effects 
  • Pressing the keys makes 8 colorful birds light up and fly! 
  • Plays 15 fun songs and 6 nursery rhymes! 

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Encourage Creative Expression

Last but far from least, playing with musical toys can encourage kids to express themselves creatively! As they explore the different sounds and rhythms of toys like the Parum Pum Pum drum set or the all-time favorite Meowsic, they’ll be able to create their own unique musical compositions – it all starts with a single note! This can be a great way for your child to express themselves and let their imagination run wild. Plus, it’s just good clean fun!

2y+ Meowsic

  • Plays 20 familiar songs and 7 witty kitty tunes
  • Use the recording function to save your musical masterpieces
  • Choose background rhythms or switch to Meow mode for even more fun!

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2y+ Parum Pum Pum

  • Comes with a drum, drumsticks, jingle bell, tambourine, maraca, and a shaker 
  • Play the drums on-the-go with the help of the handy strap 
  • Store the instruments right inside the drum
Now you’re ready to make some noise with B. toys! What are your favorite ways to encourage musical play? Share your experience with us on Instagram by tagging us @btoyscanada